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In a statement to Windows Latest, Microsoft confirmed it’s pausing the QR code ads experiment on the Windows 11 lock screen to promote its products and services, such as Copilot.

Like Windows 10, the lock screen on Windows 11 has ads or “suggested” items, which can be used to recommend Microsoft products or Bing trending results. The company recently experimented with a full-fledged QR code ad on the lock screen, which can be scanned to download Copilot mobile apps.

In our tests, when we turned on a Windows 11 PC, we saw a QR code on the lock screen. Scanning this code took us to a page about Copilot. The QR code works by sending you to the Copilot app in the app store on your phone or to Microsoft’s website if you’re using a PC.

Some users on Reddit also noticed the same ad on their lock screens.

This QR code ad was rolled out to a small group of users on Windows 11, and it appeared randomly on the lock screen. When users scanned the code, they were redirected to the Microsoft Copilot website to download the mobile apps.

This possibly annoyed some users, so Microsoft has now canned the ad.

In a statement to Windows Latest, the company clarified that the notification on the lock screen was a simple way to educate users, but it has been paused.

“The notification was simply a way to educate users and has since been paused. We value our customer experiences and are always learning to determine what is most valuable and to whom,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Windows Latest over email.

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Microsoft has a history of testing ads or…

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