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A Windows device | Image Courtesy: Microsoft.

Microsoft has reportedly stopped offering some devices the Windows 11 optional update after the patch broke MSI PCs with a Blue Screen of Death error. This optional update, released alongside the MSI BIOS update, has reportedly been causing issues on Intel and AMD hardware with MSI’s motherboard.

As you probably know, Microsoft publishes at least two updates for Windows 11 every month. The first update is Patch Tuesday with security fixes, and the second release is an optional update with quality features. Unfortunately, Windows 11 KB5029351 caused Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) errors for some devices.

It’s unclear if these issues are linked to the update released by Microsoft or MSI, but Microsoft has pulled the update following several complaints from angry users. In Feedback Hub posts, many highlighted how their devices failed to boot with an “Unsupported Processor” when they restarted their PC to install KB5029351.

While Microsoft told us it has nothing to share beyond what’s been already documented in a support document, users informed us the update has now stopped appearing on their devices.

This means when users with affected machines check for updates, they do not see it.

In our tests, we also observed that Microsoft pulled the optional cumulative update for some devices. It’s unclear if the tech giant is working to release an alternative update, but you can still grab the Patch on unaffected…

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