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Remember the “Microsoft chat provider for Copilot in Windows” accidentally added to all editions of Windows by Microsoft Edge 123? Microsoft has finally nuked it. After installing Microsoft Edge 123.0.2420.65, released on March 28, 2024, we spotted a suspicious 8KB Copilot entry under installed apps.

After Windows Latest reported the problem, Microsoft acknowledged that it had messed up and accidentally added a Copilot entry to all editions of Windows, including Windows Server and consumer clients. Microsoft confirmed the entry was harmless and immediately removed Copilot from Windows Server via an Edge update in May.

In a new update to its support document first spotted by Windows Latest, Microsoft has confirmed Edge 126.0.2592.56, released on June 13, removes ‘Microsoft chat provider for Copilot in Windows’ from all versions and editions of Windows. This includes Windows 11, Windows 10, and other editions of the OS.

“The ‘Microsoft Copilot’ entry will not show in the Installed apps list in the Settings menu once the Edge browser is updated,” Microsoft noted. “This issue is now resolved with Edge browser updates released on April 26, 2024, and June 13, 2024.”

Here’s a full breakdown of the incident:

  • On May 28, Edge 123.0.2420.65 was released and it created 8KB entry for Copilot in all versions and editions of Windows, including enterprise and servers.
  • Microsoft removed the Copilot app from Windows Server with Edge 124.0.2478.67, which was released on April 26.
  • On June 13, Edge 126.0.2592.56 removed the Copilot entry from Windows 11 and 10 consumer editions (either the PC you use at home or even office).

When asked, Microsoft again confirmed that the Copilot entry added to Windows without permission was…

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