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  • Microsoft says it won’t let users remove the Windows Backapp app, calling it a ‘system component’. However, the company plans to hide the app on unsupported Windows 11 and 10 PCs, especially on enterprise systems or LTSC machines.
  • Although the app will be hidden, it will not be removed as it’s considered a system component.
  • After an upcoming Windows Update, the app will not be visible in user interface areas like “All apps” or “Installed apps,” but will still be in the operating system.

Windows Backup app is here to stay whether you like it or not. Following our report on the ‘Windows Backup’ app getting installed on Windows 10 LSTC and enterprise systems where it doesn’t even work, Microsoft has published a support document that explains what’s going on.

The support document highlights some key fetaures of Windows Backup, such as its ability to back up an array of files, folders, credentials, settings, and apps. However, there’s a catch, which has convinced some people to hate the new cloud backup app. Currently, the Windows Backup app zeroes in primarily on consumer devices.

Microsoft has also confirmed that Windows Backup is a new ‘system component’ designed for consumers and requires you to sign in to a Microsoft account or OneDrive. This app can create a full system backup of your important files, documents, pictures, apps and settings to help you return to your old experience on your new PC or installations.

While Windows 11 or 10’s cloud backup app may be helpful for some users, many people are unhappy since it’s getting installed in environments where it doesn’t work. Some have described the Backup app as bloatware or Microsoft’s latest effort to push OneDrive cloud…

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