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Microsoft is going hard with Copilot, whether be its implementation on Windows or in Microsoft 365. While it has a lot of use cases, when it comes to the overall features that it has to offer, you might have to think a lot before spending $30 a head per month.

However, AI is expensive, particularly for small businesses. The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed the early adopters of Copilot, who questioned if the “AI” is really worth the money, as businesses need to spend $30 for every user. At the Morgan Stanley TMT Conference, Microsoft tried to explain why it’s worth investing in Copilot.

While speaking with Keith Weiss, who runs the U.S. Software Research franchise at Morgan Stanley, Microsoft’s Jared Spataro explained that Copilot in Office products like Excel is still in the early stages, and it’s getting there (to a point where it makes more sense).

“Copilot in Excel is still in early stages, and it’s learning every day. Users have very high expectations, and they are expecting Copilot to become their financial analyst, but it’s very far from the stage we’re currently at as we’re still learning the command surface of Excel and PowerPoint,” noted Jared Spataro, who is responsible for Copilot and Microsoft 365 apps at Microsoft.

Spataro further explained that the Copilot system comprises several key components, including data orchestration, large language models (LLMs), and specialized skills. Each of these elements is improving rapidly and in ways that aren’t always linear, meaning you can expect significant upgrades over the coming months or years.

Microsoft promises to make Copilot…

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