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Microsoft just announced a “special event” coming September 21 in NYC and while the invite didn’t mention anything Surface related, this isn’t our first rodeo, so we know to prepare ourselves for a September Surface spree. That includes a laundry list of potential laptop announcements, but one of the most notable could be the Surface Laptop 6.

This is no small part out of a desire to see if Microsoft can recover after last year’s Surface Laptop 5 didn’t just fall off a cliff but seemed to hit every single branch and boulder on the way down. The Surface Laptop 4 earned an Editor’s Choice award from us and while we had a couple of complaints, it was overall an excellent laptop with 12 hours of battery life. The Surface Laptop 5 was worse in almost every regard with slower performance, and it dropped to 9 hours of battery life!

But it’s a new year and hope springs eternal, Microsoft has produced some excellent laptops over the years, so there’s every reason to believe it can do so again. Here’s everything we know so far about the Surface Laptop 6.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 6 release date

I tipped my hand in the intro, but we expect to see the Surface Laptop 6 announced at the September 21 event in NYC with the shipping date likely within the first couple of weeks of October. Outside of 2020, Microsoft hasn’t missed an annual Surface Laptop release, so there’s no reason to expect it now.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 6 price

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It’s a safe bet that the Surface Laptop 6 will once again start at $999, the price point has held across every version of the Surface Laptop since the original in 2017. The real question is what the upgrade costs will look like.

The 15-inch base model started at $1,399 last year, but it could jump all the way up to $2,499 if you opted for 32GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD. Considering you were still stuck with the…

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