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The Microsoft Surface Pro 10, poised to be one of the best 2-in-1 laptops of the year, is expected to hit store shelves next month. As such, rumors and leaks about the snazzy tablet have been trickling in and picking up momentum as September inches closer.

The current-generation Surface Pro treated us to optional 5G support, a dynamic, 120Hz refresh rate display, and an eye-catching selection of vibrant colors. As per usual, you can bundle it with an optional Signature Keyboard and a Slim Pen 2 to transform it into a laptop or canvas. For the Surface Pro 10, we can’t help but wonder what updates Microsoft has in store for the high-end Windows 11-packed tablet.

Knowing Microsoft, however, temper your expectations. Don’t expect any major, game-changing updates to the Surface Pro 10. The Redmond-based tech giant isn’t known for rolling out jaw-dropping shakeups to its Surface portfolio, but according to the rumor mill, the Surface Pro 10 will have some tweaks that may push you to upgrade.

Microsoft Surface Pro 10 release date

The Microsoft Surface Pro 10’s release date is likely Sept. 21. How do I know? Although the Surface Pro 9 was announced in mid-October last year, it looks like Microsoft is planning on debuting the Surface Pro 10 earlier this year. As we recently reported, Microsoft invited some journalists and reporters to a “special event” in New York City, hinting that the company is poised to reveal a few refreshes from its Surface family. Chances are high that the Surface Pro 10 will make an appearance.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 (Image credit: Microsoft)

According to Windows Central, other Surface products that are expected to debut alongside the Surface Pro 10 are the Surface Laptop Go 3, Surface Go 4, and Surface Laptop Studio.

For an overview, take a look at the Surface Pro’s release dates over the years below:

  • Surface Pro 6 — October 2018
  • Surface…

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