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Microsoft has been making subtle changes with Windows 11 lately. These changes help it differentiate from previous versions of Windows. While most of the changes are visual, Microsoft is also slowly working towards the goal of making the latest iteration of their OS faster.


  • Starting with Windows 11 build 25987, the Movies & TV app and Maps app will no longer be pre-installed on new devices. However, current users will still receive updates for these apps.
  • New update also adds the ability to install WiFi drivers during the initial setup if needed. It also updates the Delivery Optimization page in settings, and allows viewing and editing metadata for PNG files.
  • Users are advised to be cautious with Canary Insider builds, as they may contain significant errors and can affect system stability and gaming performance.

After removing Groove Music and replacing it with Media Player, the newest insider build takes things further by removing the Maps and Movies & TV apps. According to the latest build notes, starting with build 25987, the apps will not be available on a PC after a fresh install.

Microsoft notes that while the apps will not be available after a clean install, existing users can continue using those apps and can expect further updates to them.

Though Microsoft assures that the apps will still be updated, we can’t help but wonder the reason behind their removal. Not being present after an OOBE suggests that Microsoft doesn’t want to highlight or increase the usage of the apps anymore.

While the new Media Player app incorporates most features of the Movies & TV app, the removal of the Maps app will be a sore loss.

The Maps app was one of the best carryovers from Windows Phone, and it provided users…

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