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Microsoft has too many Outlook apps. There’s a classic Outlook (Win32), then there’s Mail and Calendar (UWP and modern), and now we have Outlook (new), which is a web-based email client. Microsoft wants to replace all the existing Outlook clients with the web app, but it doesn’t want to rush things (for now).

The new Outlook for Windows is in “preview,” but it will soon enter the “general availability” phase, which would be a major milestone in its adoption. At the moment, new Outlook is in the “opt-in” or preview stage, where you have the choice to start using the web app over the full-fledged classic app by enabling the toggle in the top right corner.

The migration process is split into the following phases: Opt-In, General Availability, Opt-Out, and Cutover (force migration). At this point, no one is being forced to switch yet, with both options available for everyone, but this could change soon.

As Microsoft inches closer to the ‘general availability’ phase, new Outlook will eventually enter “Opt out”.

In Opt-out, new Outlook will be the default experience for new customers, but you’ll always have the option to switch back to the classic version.

This opt-out phase applies to “new customers” only, those who signed up for Outlook and downloaded the app on Windows. It doesn’t apply to existing customers who will remain on the classic experience until the “cutover” phase.

When I asked for more details, Microsoft…

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