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Microsoft has shared a new roadmap that confirms its plans to modernize the apps using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). This move could bring more apps in line with Windows 11’s design guidelines. For those unaware, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a subset of the .NET framework.

Developers use WPF to create the UI of apps that can run on Windows. WPF is exclusive to Windows. At the moment, apps like Phone Link, Visual Studio Community, Spotify, and Eartrumpet use WPF. Microsoft has some plans in mind to update the UI features of the WPF framework.

But why? Because WPF’s style hasn’t evolved much. The proposed modernization will aid developers in creating consistent Windows experiences that complement Windows 11’s UI. As first spotted by Windows Latest, here are a few goals of the project:

Windows 11 theming

Upgrading WPF will make sure that the apps that run on Windows 11 can use the operating system’s theming features.

For example, apps can access the newer Windows colour schemes. This could mean using accent colors when selecting buttons, texts, and other elements. Similarly, apps will be able to use rounded corners for more elements, such as buttons or controls.

In one of the Github posts, Microsoft noted that Windows 11 modernization for WPF could mean access to new color brushes, gradients, accent color and variations.

Apps can also use features such as Snap Layouts.

“Support for Win11 features such as snap layout, rounded corners for controls and newer color schemes would bring enhanced experience for WPF applications,” Microsoft noted in the support document first spotted by Windows Latest.

It will improve the overall appearance of the apps built on WPF. So, apps will not look out of place and…

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