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Microsoft added Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) to let anyone run a Linux distro directly. Thanks to WSA, you don’t need to dual-boot Linux or create a virtual machine, but the feature is limited to Windows Terminal. Microsoft understands that some of you may be uncomfortable with the command line and is creating a GUI for managing Linux distros.

First spotted by Windows Latest, Microsoft quietly published a proposal on its GitHub listing for WSL. On Github, the company asked for suggestions on using the Dev Home to manage all the installed Linux distributions. The company also shared some screenshots showing off what the GUI for managing Linux distros could look like.

Microsoft hopes that by creating a GUI for managing WSL distros, users can get an overview of all the installed distros and access or manage them more easily. As shown in the screenshot below, the only way to interact with a Linux distro on Windows is by using the Terminal.

This can be difficult for a new user to learn WSL and manage the installed operating system. With Dev Home’s card layout interface, you can monitor every aspect of the installed distributions.

The UI mockup shows a new tab in the Dev Home app called Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). The section displays all the installed distros with multiple customization options. It lists the current system statistics for the distro that is in use. You can launch a specific distro and even launch it as a specific user.

There are also buttons to Stop a current distro in use or launch another one. A context menu allows the user to uninstall a specific distro, set it as the default choice, or move it to another location.

Adding a new distro is also possible by clicking the “+…

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