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Windows Latest has spotted multiple listings on the FCC confirming that the next-generation Surface Laptop Go 3 or Surface Go 4 is coming.

Microsoft has secured FCC certification for a “portable computing device”, which appears to be the much-awaited Surface Laptop Go 3 or Surface Go 4. First spotted by Windows Latest, the unknown Surface product passed through the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) on September 5.

The FCC listing doesn’t reveal anything about the device. In FCC filing, this new offering from Microsoft is labelled the “Microsoft Corporation Portable Computing Device”, identified with codes such as C3K-2067, C3K 2067, C3K2067, and C3K2O60.

Microsoft has used the “C3K” certification branding for many Surface products, but it’s mostly associated with the Surface Go and Surface Laptop lineup. Although the current FCC listing doesn’t offer specifics about this Surface product, benchmarks and leaks have hinted that next-gen Surface upgrades won’t change the lineup’s design.

Surface Laptop Go 3 is expected to ship with 12th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, and the entry-level model now comes with 8GB RAM. On the other hand, Surface Go 4 will be using an Intel N200 processor, and it won’t be any different from the original model in terms of design.

In addition to “Portable Computing Device”, Microsoft has also been approved for an Intel Wi-Fi 6 module AX201.

According to documents seen by Windows Latest, it looks like Microsoft’s…

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