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[Global announcement] MSI, a leading gaming hardware brand, is ecstatic to reveal its latest collaboration with SEGA, one of the industry’s most prominent game publishers. Together, they embark on an epic new venture, joining forces to bring gamers an unparalleled experience with the highly anticipated game, Total War: PHARAOH.

Total War: PHARAOH – Unveiling a World of Strategy and Empires:

Embark on a strategic voyage through ancient Egypt with Total War: PHARAOH, a captivating historical game. Immerse yourself in stunning graphics, captivating gameplay, and a rich setting that promises to transport gamers to the world of ancient civilizations and strategic warfare. Manage vast armies, engage in diplomacy, and build empires as you strive for victory in this gripping strategy game.

Seize Victory with MSI’s Cutting-Edge 4K Gaming Monitors and Powered by MSI PC!

As part of this remarkable collaboration, MSI recommends the premium gaming monitors and Powered by MSI PCs to accompany the release of Total War: PHARAOH. These elements will elevate users’ gaming experience, offering breathtaking visuals and smooth gameplay, ensuring that players can fully immerse themselves in the world of ancient Egypt.

MAG 323UPF – Designed for Precision and Speed

This gaming monitor features a stunning 4K UHD resolution and, Quantum Dot technology ensuring every detail of TOTAL WAR: PHARAOH is brought to life with stunning clarity.

Powered by MSI – Brings Ture Gaming Performance to Your Experience

MSI introduces an innovative user experience designed for our devoted MSI enthusiasts. You now have the ability to personalize your rigs according to your preferences. By amalgamating the finest offerings from the MSI GAMING series, you’ll unleash unparalleled gaming potency. With an expanded array of choices and heightened flexibility, everyone can be an expert of POWERED BY MSI.

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