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[Taipei, Taiwan] – MSI, a global leader in gaming and computing, is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with Voicemod, the world leader in AI–powered voice synthesis and interactive audio, This collaboration adds a new dimension to streaming sessions and enhances the user experience by integrating Voicemod’s AI technology with the MSI’s Mystic Light.

MSI X Voicemod Collaboration

The partnership ties together MSI’s Mystic Light and Voicemod’s voice-changing technology, infusing streaming with fun and creativity. Streamers can now synchronize their RGB lighting to modify their voices and trigger sound effects in real-time, transforming the way they interact and enjoy their streaming. Voicemod’s AI technology transforms voices in real-time and with industry-leading low-latency (in other words, minimal lag) to enable users to converse as they would in real life – but be heard online with their chosen voice.

Introducing Voicemod Sync

Mystic Light will now feature an additional option – Voicemod Sync. This new feature allows the control of RGB lighting and Voicemod functionality directly using the MSI Center interface. Streamers can personalize their gaming experience even further using Voicemod Sync to synchronize their RGB lighting and Voicemod.

The integration allows streamers to build and customize gorgeous RGB Gaming PCs with Mystic Light-compatible hardware and peripherals while playing with lighting and voices within MSI Center to create a truly unique and entertaining gaming environment.

Benefits for Streamers and Gamers

MSI Mystic Light Sync offers complete control over RGB lighting, including MSI motherboards, graphics cards, cases, monitors, desktops, peripherals, and any Mystic Light-compatible products. It boasts features like Ambient Link, where MSI collaborates with AAA game publishers to synchronize Mystic Light products with…

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