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The GUNGNIR series has been launched for years with many remarkable products that come with many features. Today, we are proud to announce the latest member of our popular product series to the market, the MPG GUNGNIR 300 Series, designed to meet the evolving needs of our customers in this ever-changing world.

Image: MPG GUNGNIR 300 SeriesThe MPG GUNGNIR 300 series, this PC case unveiled a new mid-tower ATX case, tailored to the compatibility needs of mid-level system configurations for gamers. It is equipped with 1 mm perforated front panel, compatible with dual 360mm AIO liquid cooler simultaneously at front/top sides and remains enough space for a push-pull configuration, providing exceptional cooling performance.

MPG GUNGNIR 300 Series case serves as a positive heat dissipation solution for both the CPU and GPU. A one-piece 1 mm perforated front panel design and pre-installed four 120mm fans provide more fresh intake air.

When the graphics card is installed vertically, you can mount three additional fans on the fan bracket to the cable cover and the vertical PCIe bracket, enhancing the airflow channel between the graphics card and motherboard. It benefits the cooling performance of components on the motherboard, such as SSD.

The MPG GUNGNIR 300 Series has spacious room for horizontal and vertical installations for high-end graphics cards. A built-in omnidirectional graphics card stand with 8 mm tempered glass reduces the risk of sagging from prolonged high-end graphics card installation. The stand is tool-free and provides different positions for different GPU sizes and also 90-degree rotation for user’s demand.

MSI is devoted on DIY friendly design of PC cases and keeps improving the design. Besides the omnidirectional graphics card stand, the MPG GUNGNIR 300 series also come with more DIY-friendly…

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