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[Taipei, Taiwan] Aug 2023.

MSI, today, released a new AMD AGESA PI BIOS update for all MSI’s motherboard X670E, X670, B650, A620 product line. For this new BIOS release, MSI focus on and prioritize mainly for higher DDR5 memory module support and also stability bug fixes. The latest update has huge significant increase for supported memory frequency on AMD Ryzen CPUs. Below is a list of models that will be ready at the time of the release while other models will have come support in the following week.

In the screenshots below, demonstrates running a Memory Stress Test, on an AMD Ryzen R7 7700X CPU with a paired of dual-channel DDR5-7200MHz “EXPO” certified kit on MSI’s PRO B650-P WIFI Motherboard will run without any stability issues.

Moreover, it also demonstrates running a Memory Stress Test on an AMD Ryzen R9 7900X CPU with MSI’s MEG X670E ACE Motherboard can even achieve 8000MHz (CL36) high frequency.

A few more updates specifically on the AGESA added extra for protection for reliability than before and also patched a few potential vulnerabilities and security loopholes.

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