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If you’re hoping to play some pick-up basketball soon, just look on your phone.

A new app was created to let hoopers and other athletes know where the nearest game is going down.

“I can’t wait to see everybody on it, everybody having fun,” said Jacquese Whitson. “I can’t wait to start throwing tournaments around the city, so everybody can win prizes and come out and compete.”

Whitson is excited about the new app he helped create called “The Offseason.”

“It’s like a one-stop-shop app that helps people organize, discover, and also connect with other individuals through pick-up games,” said Rheyya Hollins.

Hollins and Whitson are a part of the team of masterminds at the Michigan State University Apple Developers’ Academy – who designed and built the app for users to either host a pick-up game or find one.

They say the first step is to download the app, register your information, and then a map will pop up.

“On the map, you can see all the different pins on the map, interact with the pins – and each pin will be an icon,” Whitson said. “It’ll be a football, basketball, soccer ball, whatever game going on at that area.”

And when you click on it, you’ll find all the details like who’s hosting the game, who is playing, and how good they are.

“When you create your game, you’re allowed to put the skill level that the game’s going to be,” Whitson said. “So it’s (like) an advanced skill level, and you can kind of get a glimpse at the people that will be in the game.”

They say anyone can host a game or activity…

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