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Earlier this month, we found Snapdragon X Elite CPU benchmarks on Geekbench. It was being tested out on a prototype model. Now, we’ve stumbled upon a mysterious Lenovo hardware that looks like it’s using a different SKU of the Snapdragon X Elite. This makes us think Qualcomm might create multiple SKUs for the Snapdragon X Elite.

Qualcomm has been working with Microsoft to build powerful ARM-based chips for Windows for nearly a decade. And it has seen significant advancements in the past few years, leading to the creation of a new lineup called “Snapdragon X”. The new Snapdragn X Elite offers major upgrades:

  • It has 12 cores that can run up to speeds of 3.8 GHz, and even faster at 4.3 GHz for one or two cores at a time.
  • The graphics part of the chip can do up to 4.6 trillion things in a second.
  • It also has a smart brain for AI tasks, with the ability to perform 45 trillion operations per second.
  • The chip can work with up to 64GB of very fast memory and different types of storage, including the latest SSDs and memory cards.
  • It supports a 64MP camera for great photos and 4K videos, and even two 36MP cameras at the same time. For the internet, it uses the latest Snapdragon X65 5G modem and supports the newest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies.

But is Qualcomm planning to settle with just one variant of the Snapdragon X Elite lineup? That doesn’t appear to be the case.

Multiple SKUs for Snapdragon X Elite, and another Snapdragon X chip in the works?

We’ve spotted a new Lenovo device on Geekbench, known as Lenovo 83ED, and it uses a different Snapdragon X Elite SKU, hinting that Qualcomm is planning to release more types of Snapdragon X Elite chips. It also looks like there could be multiple SKUs for Snapdragon X chips (Elite and…

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