New Quest Apps Won’t Support Oculus Quest 1 Headsets Starting In May | Laptop News

Starting in May, new Quest Store and App Labs apps won’t support the original Oculus Quest headset.

The original Oculus Quest headset launched almost five years ago in May 2019. It also hasn’t been sold in quite some time. Meta stopped selling the headset when it launched the Quest 2 in October of 2020.

The move to stop supporting the headset isn’t exactly a surprise. In January of last year, Meta announced a slow deprecation of the headset.

In an email to users at that time, Meta said that the Quest 1 will still be able to be used; however, the company will not be shipping new features for the device. It also announced plans to maintain the system software with critical bug fixes and security patches “until 2024” which we’re now roughly a quarter of the way through.

The last software release that made its way to the headset was v50 which was released in February of last year. In contrast, newer versions of the headset are currently at v63.

While new apps won’t be available for the headset starting in May existing apps will still be able to release updates that support the headset should they choose to do so.

Even though it will no longer support new apps, Meta plans to offer security updates and bug fixes for the device until August of this year.

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