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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has banned NGL Labs from offering anonymous messaging apps to kids under 18 in a new court ruling.

The commission and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office have taken action against NGL Labs and two of its co-founders, Joao Figueiredo and Raj Vir. They claim NGL (an internet abbreviation for “not gonna lie”) unfairly marketed its app to children and teens.

Per an FTC press release, “The FTC and Los Angeles DA’s Office allege that NGL and its co-founders only actively marketed their service to children and teens, but that they also falsely claimed that its AI content moderation program filtered out cyberbullying and other harmful messages.”

The complaint also states, “The NGL App purports to allow consumers to receive anonymous messages from friends and social media contacts. Consumers can send pre-generated prompts for their friends and social media contacts to answer anonymously (e.g., ‘Send me a pickup line, and I’ll tell you if it worked,’ ‘If you could change anything about me, what would it be?’, ‘Who would you ship me with?,’ ‘Share an opinion that’ll get you canceled’).”

It continues, “Defendants’ own internal communications reveal that Defendants knew that these messages were deceiving and harassing consumers and that Defendants actively participated in the violations of law alleged herein…Defendants included the prompt for consumers to buy the NGL Pro subscription to see ‘who sent’ a message even when the message that the consumer had received was a fake message that the Defendants themselves had generated.”

The company reportedly…

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