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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – Summer is a busy time for parents, as they’re juggling their jobs while their kids are out of school. To help them out, an app that books rides for children used in some school districts in Colorado Springs is now available for parents. The app is called, HopSkipDrive.

In 2014, three mothers saw a need for ‘safe, reliable transportation’ for children. The app supports more than ten thousand schools around the nation, and they partner with different government agencies and schools such as District 11.

“We have a network of vetted local caregivers that are available to provide these rides, and oftentimes it can be for kids who may not fit neatly on the school bus,” Cindy Hamilton, Director of Communications said. “These are kids who are moving frequently, they may be experiencing homelessness, they may be in the foster care system, they are on an individual education plan…”

Some might say this is similar to a kid’s version of Uber, but it’s not. You have to schedule rides in advance, and the company has care drivers go through a fifteen-point certification process. This includes background checks through the Department of Justice and the FBI, fingerprint checks, child abuse and neglect scanning, and they also require personnel who have at least five years of caregiving. This is all done so children are well protected and in good hands.

“We are the only company in this space to publish a safety report every year,” Hamilton said. “99.7% of our rides, more than 99.7% of our rides, across millions of miles have occurred without any safety incident.”

These local vetted caregivers aid parents and schools, by giving these children rides. Parents told HopSkipDrive, how their children developed meaningful relationships…

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