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Auto Blocker enables new levels of device protection, bridging a commitment to security and privacy with Samsung Galaxy’s long-standing commitment to openness and user choice.

Samsung Electronics today introduced Auto Blocker, a new security tool for Samsung Galaxy users designed to keep their devices protected in the way that best fits their lifestyle.

Recently released on One UI 6 as part of Samsung Galaxy’s expanded arsenal of security and privacy innovations, Auto Blocker is an opt-in package of additional security measures that gives users more choice as they explore the customizations enabled by Samsung Galaxy’s open ecosystem.

Putting the Choice in Users’ Hands

“At Samsung we constantly strive to keep our users safe from security attacks, and with the introduction of Auto Blocker users can continue to enjoy the benefits of our open ecosystem, knowing that their mobile experience is secured,” said Dr. Seungwon Shin, EVP & Head of Security Team, Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics. “We always seek to empower our users to choose for themselves what best suits their needs — rather than us deciding on their behalf, and Auto Blocker is no exception to that.”

One of Auto Blocker’s features is the prevention of app installations from unauthorized sources,1 known as sideloading. There are many benefits to intentional sideloading, such as enhanced customization and control over a device’s functionality. Those who love to safely sideload will experience no change as the feature is off by default. For those not in the habit of sideloading or extensive customization, activating Auto Blocker can provide additional peace of mind by stalling the rise of social engineering…

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