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Windows 11 Build 22635.3420 or newer comes with several new features, including a QR code generator for sharing links, an improved Copilot context menu, a repositioned widgets icon, and more.

Microsoft confirmed these changes in a blog post and clarified that not all of these features will be available when you install the new Windows 11 update. However, if you want to try these features as soon as possible, make sure the “Get updates as soon as they are available” toggle in Windows update settings is enabled.

QR code generator in Edge

Microsoft is experimenting with a QR code generator in the Windows 11 share menu to share links, files, or media. The QR code icon will appear after clicking the Windows Share option in any Windows app, including Edge.

To get started, click the QR code button next to a URL or attachment to generate a QR code.

You can scan this link to visit the URL on your mobile phone. If you’re trying to share files using Edge, don’t forget to enable the Share icon in the Edge toolbar.

Earlier, you had to copy or share the webpage link using multiple options. You don’t have to take that extra step now due to the QR code generator feature.

Widget positioning adapts to Taskbar alignments

The biggest gripe with the Windows 11 Taskbar is its inability to change position. On top of that, adding the widget’s icon to the left side made the center-aligned Taskbar look different.

Until now, if you changed the taskbar’s alignment to the left-hand side, the Widgets icon would appear next to the search bar.

In the next update, the widgets button respects the Taskbar’s alignment. If you use the center alignment, the widget’s icon will shift to the right side before the system tray icons.

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