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Shop Intel Gamer Days at the Dell Outlet today for epic deals on refurbished Dell and Alienware gaming laptops. From now through Sept. 3, the Dell Outlet takes up to 43% off refurbished laptops to celebrate Intel Gamer Days. Newer RTX 40 Series laptops like the Alienware m18, Alienware x18, Alienware x16 and others are also seeing huge price cuts.

This year’s Intel Gamer Days offer bundles two free PC games with your purchase of select PCs: Nightingale and Assassin’s Creed Mirage (valued at $80). For a limited time, save up to $1,915 on a refurbished Alienware x17 R2 with RTX 3080 Ti GPU at the Dell Outlet. Prices start from $2,085 for this 4.5 out 5-star rated gaming laptop.

In our Alienware x17 R2 review, we loved its beautiful design, excellent audio and powerful gaming performance. We were also impressed by the laptop’s wicked-fast transfer speeds and cosigned it with our Editor’s Choice Award.

So if you’re due for a new laptop, you don’t have to wait for Labor Day to score end of summer clearance sales on top-rated Intel-powered gaming PCs. Shop Dell Outlet Intel Gamer Days deals and see our favorite discounts below.

Dell Intel Gamer Days sale — best deals

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