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The US is trying to restrict the Chinese app TikTok, but that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to develop: according to reports in recent days, ByteDance, the owner of the video sharing platform, has completed the development of a new photo sharing platform that will compete with Instagram.

The development of the app has been completed, at least for Android devices of the Chinese video sharing giant. The new platform, called TikTok Photos, will be launched soon and users will be able to synchronize posts of photos between regular TikTok and the new service. The app will also allow users to share their photo posts through a pop-up message in the regular TikTok app.

It is also claimed that posts of TikTok photos can be published in the new app without leaving the current TikTok app, adding more hours of presence on the Chinese platform and revenue. Instagram will need to prepare for a fierce competition against TikTok, which will try to bypass any potential restrictions in the US.

This week it was also reported that the Republican candidate for US presidency, Donald Trump, raised concerns about efforts to ban the Chinese social media app and said that imposing restrictions on it would strengthen Meta’s Facebook platform, which he called the “people’s enemy.”

“Without TikTok, you might turn Facebook into a bigger platform, and I consider Facebook as the enemy of the people,” Trump said in an interview with NBC. Trump acknowledged that there are concerns regarding national security and data privacy regarding TikTok: “There is a lot of good and a lot of bad,” he said, adding, “there are many people who love TikTok, many young kids who will go crazy without it.”

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The popularity of TikTok, owned by the Chinese internet giant…

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