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The city says it is “too early to identify what type of information has been accessed” after a cybersecurity incident disabled some of the city’s IT systems, starting on Sunday.

“As the investigation and response to this situation is ongoing, the city must be sensitive about what information is shared,” the city said in a statement early Tuesday afternoon.

City emails, phone lines, the transit app HSRnow and onboard bus stop annunciators were among the services the city said were disrupted.

All city committee meetings that were scheduled for Tuesday, including the airport subcommittee and the veterans committee, were cancelled “due to technical issues.”  

Services with the Hamilton Public Library also continued to be impacted — WiFi was unavailable at all branches, it said Tuesday, and its Virtual Book Club slated for Tuesday evening was cancelled. Branches remained open, however.

The city said it has taken “swift action to investigate, protect systems, and minimize the impact,” as it “continues to contain the breach” but provided no specifics on what exactly occurred.

“I want to assure residents that we are taking this matter very seriously and have engaged with a team of extremely talented cyber experts,” city manager Marnie Cluckie said in the release.

In its initial post on X, formerly Twitter, on Sunday, the city said it was experiencing a city-wide phone and email disruption, which includes the Bus Check Info Line.

“Critical services such as transit, water and wastewater treatment and emergency services are operational,” the city said in the Tuesday statement, adding that “a dedicated team of experts has been working as quickly as possible to get the system up and running in a safe and secure manner.”

City staff processing transactions manually 

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