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The first reviews of Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series) are live, and the results are everything we hoped for when we kicked off the product. Reviewers called out the massive jump in graphics performance, increases in battery life, and improvements in multi-core workloads. The integrated graphics capabilities are especially astounding, putting a wide range of recent game titles within reach in a thin, light, portable system.

Check out some of what reviewers have to say:

“It immediately jumps to my number one recommendation for software developers looking for a small and portable laptop. But, given how insanely good this laptop is, I’d also strongly recommend those looking for a laptop for school or home or office use, to really consider this one.”JustJosh

“It’s worth saying, as usual, that this is, first and foremost, a productivity machine, but with AMD on board, it’ll play just as hard as it works.”Daniel Cooper, Engadget

“All upgrades should be this easy. Taking the Intel board out and putting the AMD board in didn’t take me very long at all, especially with Framework’s instructions handy.”Andrew Freedman, Tom’s Hardware

Soon, you’ll be able to see real customer feedback too, with the first Batch 1 shipments going out shortly. With recent increases in our factory capacity and logistics throughput, we’re working through the rest of the pre-order backlog as quickly as we can. We’re also continuing to work with AMD and other silicon providers on further firmware and driver updates to continue to optimize the product, especially as it comes to Linux support.

EU warehouse for Framework Marketplace items
We have one more exciting, long-awaited announcement for you. This week, we activated a new warehouse in the Netherlands, …

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