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RIDGELAND, Miss. (WLBT) – If you’ve ever been away from home and worried that you left the water running, the city of Ridgeland now has you covered.

Six months ago, the Ridgeland Public Works Department began installing new E-Series Ultrasonic water meters.

Each of the new meters comes with cellular capability that connects to a smartphone app called “EyesOnWater.”

The city’s mayor says the combination of technology now offers those of you living in Ridgeland a wide variety of tools to monitor water usage in your home.

“This will allow customers to have an app on their phone and to check to see what their usage is and how to control the usage,” said Mayor Gene McGee.

In the app, you can find resources about monthly water usage, a portal for you to pay your water bill, and even the technology that identifies water leaks inside your home.

Mayor McGee says not only does it notify you of a potential leak, but it also sends alerts to the Public Works Department so that repairs can be made immediately.

“It also allows our people in the water department to monitor what’s going on, and for those who do not have the app, they can actually notify them if they see some problems,” he said. “It allows us to have a little bit of control to make sure we are more efficient.”

Just a month ago, the city launched a brand-new smartphone app that’s connected to its police department.

Now, with this latest transition to city services being offered at the swipe of a finger, Mayor McGee says moving to mobile platforms is key.

“We want people to be informed of what’s going on. So, social media and apps have become the way of life, and more and more people are using those,” he said. “So, we just think it’s important for us to stay ahead of the game and to be a part of…

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