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ROCK ISLAND, Ill. (KWQC) – The City of Rock Island is making it easier for residents to report and address various issues in their neighborhoods.

About three months ago, the city began using the SeeClickFix app or website to enable community members to share issues they are experiencing with the Public Works Department.

Residents report problems like potholes, graffiti, overgrown trees, streetlights, and water leaks. They can use the mobile app or the website and follow these simple steps: first, select the category; then, select the location; upload a photo of the issue; provide a brief description; answer a few related questions; hit send and submit.

Once it’s reported the information is then sent directly to the Public Works Department, and you’ll get a notification when it has been addressed.

Sarah Hayden from the city of Rock Island says the app is a more efficient way of communication.

“You call in a complaint to city hall or to public works. You have to trust the person who took the phone call that they made note but With see click Fix, you get an immediate response, and it shows you update through updates the progress of your issue that you reported.”

The city started using SeeClickFix in November, and now has over 2300 users submitting issues to the city’s Public Works Department, with over 3000 issues reported.

“I think it satisfies that measure of feeling like you’ve been heard. And you brought something to the city’s attention. And we went ahead and got it fixed for you,” said Hayden.

The SeeClickFix app is available in app stores for Rock Island, Davenport, and Bettendorf residents, while residents in Moline use a different app called Moline Connect. 

According to the Public Works Department, the most frequently reported issues by residents…

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