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Samsung is exploring a new approach to health and wellness technologies with the MIT Media Lab, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Tulane University School of Medicine and Samsung Medical Center

Samsung Electronics today announced a new Open Innovation Initiative at the Samsung Developer Conference 2023 (SDC23) in San Francisco. Collaborating with the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Media Lab, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Tulane University School of Medicine and Samsung Medical Center, the new research program will explore enhancements to the digital health ecosystem and new approaches to wellness. With the research findings from these collaborations, Samsung will strive to develop its technology further to support the healthcare industry, expand understanding of individuals’ minds and bodies and unlock the full wellness potential of personal devices.

“Around the world, innovation and transformational health research are being fostered by leading institutions in collaboration with Samsung,” said Hon Pak, Vice President and Head of the Digital Health Team, MX Business at Samsung Electronics. “In addition to our own deep investments in health research, we are sourcing exemplary, talented industry leaders to collaborate with. We are excited to be working with prestigious institutions to explore new health technologies and novel perspectives on wellness.”

Discovering Deeper Sleep With the MIT Media Lab

In collaboration with the MIT Media Lab, Samsung aims to explore new digital profiles for monitoring and improving sleep.

“There’s an ever-growing understanding of how poor sleep negatively impacts both individuals and society at large. Wearable sleep tracking solutions may provide many…

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