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A new and convenient way to keep hold of important data.

Samsung Electronics today announced the global rollout of Temporary Cloud Backup,1 a secure and easy way to save and transfer important data. In situations where Samsung Galaxy users may experience anxiety about losing their data, including photos, videos and private files, this feature is designed to provide comfort and reassurance. It highlights Samsung’s continued commitment to delivering powerful, connected experiences that help make users’ lives easier.

“Temporary cloud backup provides a reliable and convenient way for users to back up and restore important information,” said Chiyoung Seo, VP & Head of Cloud Team, Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics. “This upgraded switching experience based on Samsung Cloud2 aims to provide peace of mind to Samsung Galaxy users that precious data will not be lost, thanks to the connected power of Galaxy’s ecosystem.”

Users can choose to upload their data to Samsung Cloud storage via their Samsung Account,3 where it is kept safe and ready to be downloaded again. It is a free service, with no total storage limit, but individual file sizes are capped at 100GB. There is no need to use a PC or any external memory device, but Wi-Fi4 is required for data transfer.

Data is stored for up to 30 days from the date of users’ initial backup. Within this period, users will be able to restore their data whenever they want. Users are notified when approaching their time limit5 before their data is automatically deleted.

One Less Worry During Repairs or Replacements

Temporary Cloud Backup is an ideal service for ensuring data is preserved in various scenarios where users may be worried about…

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