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Industry experts and researchers will discuss the future of AI, with the event theme of “large-scale AI for a better tomorrow”

Samsung Electronics today announced that it will host the Samsung AI Forum 2023 on November 7 at the Suwon Convention Center in Gyeonggi-do, Korea. The forum serves as a platform to showcase the latest research achievements in artificial intelligence (AI) and computer engineering (CE), which will contribute to enhancing the company’s next-generation semiconductor technologies.

Samsung AI Forum 2023, which is being hosted by the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), will also focus on and highlight the direction of future research, with the presence of world-renowned AI scholars and industry experts. This seventh iteration of the Samsung AI Forum will be an in-person event, held under the theme of “large-scale AI for a better tomorrow.”

Kye Hyun Kyung, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics Device Solutions Division, will begin the forum with opening remarks, followed by keynotes from Yoshua Bengio, professor at the University of Montreal, and Jim Keller, CEO of AI semiconductor startup Tenstorrent.

Professor Satoshi Matsuoka of the Riken Institute of Computer Science in Japan, and Larry Zitnick, a research scientist from the Meta AI Research Lab will also be giving invited talks. In addition to these notable speakers, SAIT’s AI and CE research leaders — as well as leading academics from around the world — will share the status and vision of their research.

Samsung AI Forum 2023 will address two key topics: Large Language Models and Transformation of AI for Industry, and Large-scale Computing for Large Language Model and Simulation, which cover AI and…

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