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Throughout the years, Samsung Electronics has continually led innovation within the mobile industry — and this year was no exception. Following the release of the highly coveted Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5 foldables, Galaxy S23 series smartphones and Galaxy Watch6 series, Samsung has engaged in a variety of global marketing initiatives aimed at bringing users closer together. Samsung Newsroom has handpicked a selection of these creative campaigns that have truly captivated the imagination and resonated with consumers around the world.

The Intricacies of Nature Captured Using Galaxy’s Powerful Camera

[Argentina] Showcasing Nature Through a Galaxy Mini Documentary

▲ The mini documentary “Epic Nature” was filmed using the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Samsung teamed up with National Geographic to release “Epic Nature,” a captivating mini documentary shot using the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The film captured the stunning and diverse wildlife inhabiting Cuenca Los Ojos, a biological reserve in Sonora, Mexico. Utilizing the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s incredible high-definition 200MP camera, the documentary recorded the smallest details of the wildlife reserve, rendering breathtakingly vivid imagery. Additionally, Nightography mode allowed filmmakers to shoot seldom-seen nocturnal animals — such as jaguars, black bears and ocelots in low-light environments — giving audiences a rare glimpse into the lives of creatures that are active at night.

[Europe] Monitoring and Protecting Wildlife With Galaxy

▲ Capturing wildlife with the Galaxy S23 Ultra

In Europe, Samsung has joined forces with…

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