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Upgraded usability and design gives users a more peace of mind.

New features and design give users power over their tracking experience.

The Samsung Galaxy device “finding” experience is now more versatile than ever for users

Samsung Electronics today announced the Galaxy SmartTag2, launching globally on October 11. Galaxy SmartTag2 brings enhancements to the Galaxy SmartTag line that enable new and better ways to keep track of valuables. Upgrades to the design and usability create even more use cases for the device than ever before.

“We are constantly looking at ways to make people’s lives more convenient through Samsung Galaxy’s industry-leading innovations,” said Jaeyeon Jung, Executive Vice President and Head of SmartThings, Device Platform Center at Samsung Electronics. “With the Galaxy SmartTag2, we set out to make sure Samsung Galaxy users can find their belongings in an easy and intuitive way. With an enhanced finding experience and a longer battery life, Galaxy SmartTag2 will provide users with greater peace of mind for longer and in more situations.”

Intuitive Features Make Finding Lost Items Easier Than Ever1

Galaxy SmartTag2’s brand-new Lost Mode2 allows users to input their contact information via a message. Then, anyone who discovers an item with a Galaxy SmartTag2 attached can use their smartphone to scan the tag and see the owners’ message and contact information. This means a Galaxy SmartTag2 attached to a pet’s collar is now a convenient way to ensure the pet owner’s phone number is always there, in most places where the pet might wander. Lost Mode works with any mobile device with NFC reader and web browser.

Galaxy SmartTag2 now provides an improved Compass View…

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