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While Spotify has released its much-awaited “Jam” feature on Windows 11 or 10, it has made questionable interface changes. First, Spotify has moved its queue to the right side of the app. It’s locked to the right side, and you can’t open it on the full screen. Second, you can no longer see liked songs, duration, or albums in the new queue design.

I’m not a fan of the new Spotify update for Windows, mostly because I won’t be using the Jam feature. According to the official release notes, Spotify has moved the Queue to the right side, so you can navigate the app and still see what song is coming next, especially if you’re in a Jam.

If you’re jamming, those options pop up at the top of the Queue on the side. You can switch to the Now Playing View or see what your friends are listening to with a quick click. That would be fine for people using Jam, right? But some users including myself dislike how it’s no longer possible to open “Now playing” and Queue together.

In fact, some users are confused about whether this is a design change or a bug, with one user on Reddit noting: “The queue is showing up on the sidebar where I almost always have view on (I like being able to see the info sometimes, so I leave it on). It wasn’t doing that earlier when I was using Spotify. I’ve tried to restart everything, and it’s still happening.”

After the update, the app will always show the homepage, and the right sidebar is now used to switch between what’s playing and the Queue…

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