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“Galaxy Watch is my health partner, who monitor and guide for wellbeing consistently and help me to understand my health condition.”

The rapid evolution of wearable technology has highlighted the potential to use our devices not only to elevate our daily experiences but also to gain deeper insights into our holistic well-being. From empowering individuals to track their wellness to providing a wealth of health-related data, wearables like the Galaxy Watch series1 have begun to redefine how we approach healthcare. Discover how Samsung Electronics’ technology has impacted the lives and health of two individuals.

Ms. A, a 70-year-old woman with a history of cardiac surgery, recently experienced dizziness. So, she opted for an ECG patch test, but the findings were within the bounds of normalcy. Ms. A, mindful of her age and history of arrhythmia, wanted to monitor her health condition constantly. In response, the medical team at her hospital in South Korea recommended she use a Galaxy Watch along with a hospital-linked app to monitor her health status.

Following her outpatient visit, Ms. A continued wearing the Galaxy Watch in her daily life. On one occasion, she again experienced dizziness. The heart rate measured by the Galaxy Watch was slow, 40 beats per minute. This data was promptly shared with the ECG Reading Center at Sejong Hospital in Incheon, and she was told to come directly to the hospital with suspicion that she might be in an emergency condition. Ms. A was quickly admitted to the emergency room and underwent surgery to insert a pacemaker, a device that provides artificial stimulation to the heart when its function deteriorates. Thankfully, she safely left the hospital after the successful…

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