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Nothing will ruin your day more than getting a speeding ticket. And getting caught in a speed trap will make you feel even worse. According to MarketWatch (via Android Police), Google Maps is the navigation app most favored by those looking to avoid getting snared in a speed trap. Over 1,000 American drivers with an average age of 41 were surveyed by the financial news website (50% were male, 50% were female) and data from was added to the mix. The result? A whopping 70% of drivers surveyed favor Google Maps.

After Google Maps, Waze is the second most preferred navigation app used by drivers in the survey. Waze, also owned by Google, takes a crowdsourced approach to obtaining information. Not that far behind Waze is Apple Maps as the native iOS navigation app is the favorite of 25% of the drivers participating in the survey. Overall, 34% of drivers asked say that they have been warned about a speed trap by a navigation app.

What exactly defines a speedtrap? Good question. MarketWatch defines a speed trap as an area where a speed limit is set lower “than a road’s safest average rate of travel.” These roads are monitored and tracked by police looking to strictly enforce the speed limit in order to collect revenue. 30% of Americans have been caught in a speed trap. The three states with the most speed traps are Delaware, Maryland and Tennessee. North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska are the three states with the fewest speed traps.

While 70% use Google Maps to warn them of speed traps, it is Waze that is considered the best at handling this task with drivers saying that it is 30% more effective than Google…

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