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In recent years, the demand for ultraportable and high-performance laptops has been on the rise. As people continue to embrace remote work, flexible schedules, and on-the-go lifestyles, having a reliable and lightweight laptop has become a necessity. The LG gram Style 14” with 16:10 OLED display is a remarkable addition to the market, offering a perfect blend of portability and power. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at this ultimate thin and light laptop, exploring its design, display, performance, and other features that make it an excellent choice for users seeking a compact and efficient device for work, entertainment, and everyday use.

Design and Portability

One of the standout features of the LG gram Style 14” is its incredibly lightweight and slim design. Weighing in at just 2.2 pounds and measuring only 0.7 inches thick, it’s one of the lightest and thinnest laptops in its class. This makes it easy to slip into a backpack or tote bag, perfect for commuting, travel, or working from different locations. The magnesium-alloy body gives it a sleek and modern aesthetic while also providing durability and strength. The minimalist design and clean lines make this laptop a stylish and timeless choice for those who appreciate simplicity and elegance.


The LG gram Style 14” boasts a stunning 16:10 OLED display that delivers vibrant and true-to-life colors. The 2560 x 1600 resolution provides sharp and clear visuals, making it ideal for watching movies, editing photos, or working on detailed projects. The 16:10 aspect ratio offers more vertical screen space, which is beneficial for productivity and multitasking. The OLED technology also ensures deep blacks, high contrast, and excellent viewing angles, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Whether you’re streaming videos, browsing the web, or creating content, the display on the LG gram Style 14” is a pleasure to use.


Under the hood, the LG gram Style 14” is equipped with an 11th Gen Intel Core processor, providing snappy performance and seamless multitasking. The integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics deliver smooth visuals and improved gaming capabilities, making it suitable for light gaming and casual entertainment. With up to 16GB of RAM and up to 1TB of SSD storage, you’ll have ample memory and space to store your files, applications, and media. The laptop also features Thunderbolt 4 connectivity, enabling fast data transfer and connecting to external displays and peripherals with ease. The long-lasting battery life of up to 25.5 hours ensures you can work and play for extended periods without needing to recharge.

Keyboard and Connectivity

The LG gram Style 14” features a comfortable and tactile keyboard with well-spaced keys, offering a satisfying typing experience. The backlit keyboard allows you to work in dimly lit environments, and the precision touchpad provides smooth and accurate navigation. The laptop also includes a range of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi 6, USB 4, HDMI, microSD, and a headphone/microphone combo jack, giving you the flexibility to connect to various devices and accessories.

Audio and Webcam

The stereo speakers on the LG gram Style 14” deliver clear and immersive sound, ideal for enjoying music, videos, or video calls. The HD webcam with a privacy shutter ensures you can stay connected with colleagues, friends, and family members with crisp video quality and peace of mind. Whether you’re attending virtual meetings, streaming content, or making video calls, the audio and webcam capabilities of this laptop provide a seamless and enjoyable communication experience.

Software and Security

The laptop comes with Windows, providing a familiar and user-friendly interface for productivity and entertainment. It also includes a range of security features, such as a fingerprint reader and TPM 2.0, to safeguard your data and privacy. With Windows Hello, you can log in quickly and securely using biometric authentication, giving you peace of mind when accessing your device and files.

Overall, the LG gram Style 14” is an exceptional thin and light laptop that offers a premium combination of portability, performance, and features. Whether you’re a professional on the go, a student looking for a versatile and reliable device, or a casual user who values mobility and efficiency, this laptop is a worthy investment. With its sleek design, stunning display, powerful performance, and thoughtful features, the LG gram Style 14” sets a new standard for ultraportable computing.


– Processor: 11th Gen Intel Core i7
– Graphics: Intel Iris Xe Graphics
– Display: 14” OLED 16:10 display, 2560 x 1600 resolution
– Memory: Up to 16GB DDR4
– Storage: Up to 1TB SSD
– Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, Thunderbolt 4, USB 4, HDMI, microSD, headphone/microphone combo jack
– Operating System: Windows
– Security: Fingerprint reader, TPM 2.0
– Webcam: HD webcam with privacy shutter
– Audio: Stereo speakers
– Battery Life: Up to 25.5 hours
– Dimensions: 12.3” x 8.3” x 0.7”
– Weight: 2.2 lbs.
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