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Sometime in the year 2000, meditation was rebranded as ‘Mindfulness’, a recasting that somehow made the act more accessible. It was soon followed by the digitization of medita…er…mindfulness, which means we only needed an app and ten minutes at our desks during lunch.

The awareness created by mindfulness apps such as Headspace and Calm has brought meditation to the mainstream and has certainly helped millions focus their minds and calm their stress.

But it has all got a bit messy.

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There are hundreds of meditation apps, audiobooks, podcasts and tracks on Spotify. The irony is that with all the mediation app noise, it can be hard to filter the good from the bad or even to know where to start.

This is where the new app, The Way, comes in.

Rather than have a list of meditations to solve each of life’s problems, such as sleep, stress, empowerment, or anxiety, The Way provides a step-by-step course by one of the world’s foremost experts, an actual Zen Master.

Henry Shukman is your guide on the course. This man has spent much of his adult life studying meditation in many different forms, notably in the Sanbo Kyodan Zen, where he has received Dharma Transmission. This sounds like something you would find on an ecologically sustainable car, but it actually makes him a Zen master with a lineage that can go back from master to master, theoretically all the way back to The Buddha himself.

It is probably important to note at this point that The Way isn’t a religious app. Although Zen is rooted in Buddhism, the app and the course are agnostic; the focus is on meditation and there aren’t other doctrines at play, so it should be suited to…

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