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TikTok might be entering its flop era as users revealed the reasons why they are quitting the ultra-addictive app that witnessed an explosion in popularity over the past few years.

Former TikTok user Keilah Bruce, who found herself constantly neglecting household chores like laundry and dishes, said the app’s eerie algorithm seemed to start ‘reading her mind.’

She stopped using the app last year when content matching her private thoughts began surfacing on her feed, the 27-year-old accountant based in New York shared with the Wall Street Journal. 

For Samantha Rodriguez, 29, the habit of bedtime scrolling on TikTok took a toll on her marriage, as her husband repeatedly took her phone out of her hand at night.

Gautam Mengi, a 27-year-old film school student and PR intern, admitted that his procrastination on schoolwork had affected his grades after spending too much time on TikTok.

‘It’s one thing to know about you and another to know you,’ Bruce explained the reason why she left the addictive app behind. 

She deleted TikTok for a few times but kept redownloading until October 2023, when videos that matched her thoughts began popping up on her phone.

On multiple occasions, she would bring up a funny TikTok video during dinner with friends…

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