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TON’s tap-to-earn mini apps are making waves in the crypto world, dramatically increasing engagement and usage within the ecosystem. These innovative apps have propelled daily transactions on the TON network to five times that of Ethereum, underscoring their growing popularity.

The mini apps market on TON is expanding rapidly, continually enhancing the ecosystem with more options and entertainment for users. This growth is attracting more participants and increasing the network’s overall activity.

Analyst Ali Martinez recently highlighted on X that Toncoin is on the brink of a 12% rise, potentially reaching $9 after breaking out of an ascending triangle pattern. This bullish forecast has further fueled interest in TON’s offerings.

Ton Blockchain Records Remarkable Milestone Of $500 Million In USDT Net Circulation 

Moreover, the TON blockchain has seen its USDT net circulation surpass $500 million, indicating strong adoption and trust in the network’s stability and utility.

The combination of innovative mini apps,…

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