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In case you weren’t reading the news, the Department of Justice of the United States has just filed an Antitrust lawsuit against Apple. Now Apple getting sued isn’t exactly the news we publish here, but this one is relevant. The DoJ has blamed Apple for the death of Windows Phones.

Ah, the death of Windows Phone. Something I still love to think of what-if situations if it were still around. It was the cleanest and fastest mobile OS for me. The UI was drop-dead gorgeous with the live tiles and minimalistic design. And who could forget the devices? The Nokia Lumia 520, 720, 920 and 1020. Some of the best-looking phones to date.

The mighty Lumia 1020 | Image Courtesy: CNET.com

With the imaging prowess and impeccable performance, Windows Phones were picking up when a lot of missteps killed it. Before we blame others, it was Microsoft’s fault mostly. The continuous reboot of the OS with older devices not getting newer OS updates and leadership mistakes.

Then there was the problem with apps and carriers in the US not promoting the devices. Many blame Google here for blocking their popular apps on Windows Phone and it was a big reason. A former engineer even went on Reddit to discuss how it affected the sales.

Even the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella admitted that killing off the Mobile business was not a good decision. Whatever may be the case, Windows Phone is dead and Microsoft killed it.

Fans of the former OS have always blamed Google and Microsoft for the death of Microsoft’s mobile division. Now, with the DoJ report, fans have one more organization to blame.

Image Courtesy: Microsoft.com and Apple.com.

The report claims Apple has sort of monopolized the market and has prevented the growth of potential competitors. The DoJ…

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