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The government will strive to make it easier for foreigners to enter Korea, apply for visas and travel around the country, especially when using public transportation.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism released a proposal to boost inbound tourism as part of the economic ministerial meeting held Monday morning with the aim of boosting the local tourism industry.

The recovery plan will focus on prolonging visitors’ stay in Korea and encouraging spending in the domestic market. The number of inbound tourists has risen with the end of the Covid-19 pandemic but revenues have been seeing a slower recovery, mostly because tourists have shifted their main focus from shopping to cultural experience, added to the fact that people now prefer to travel in smaller groups than before, according to the culture ministry.

Plans mainly include streamlining the entry and visa application process for non-Koreans coming to the country both by airplanes and cruise ships, making it easier for foreigners to use public transportation services around the country, improving mobile apps that are essential for traveling and hosting various foreigner-friendly events.

The government will increase the number of officials related to visa issuance and expand existing visa application centers. The Korea Electronic Travel Authorization (K-ETA), which allows group travelers to file their entry forms before entering the country, will include a more diverse type of travelers and start…

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