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In a world where brands and consumers can connect simply by sending each other messages through countless chat apps, one thing is certain—businesses need to get in on the discourse about conversational messaging’s role in achieving great customer experience.

In its recent “Messaging Trends 2024” report, global cloud communications platform Infobip reveals that consumers are looking for a deeper connection with the brands they buy from, and are doing so through conversational messaging channels.

After analyzing over 473 billion digital conversations on its platform in 2023 between businesses and consumers, Infobip saw a 137-percent increase in mobile app messages compared to 2022, a 73-percent rise in social media messages, and a 63-percent increase in chat app messages.

As a provider of communications platform-as-a-service, Infobip equips its clients with a single, omnichannel messaging platform that allows them to seamlessly interact with their customers across different messaging channels and apps, as well as social media.

In the Philippines, Infobip discovered that Viber stands as a strong player, with a 34-percent increase in interactions on the app in 2023; along with SMS (37 percent) and email (32 percent).

Across the globe, the recorded increases in usage of Messenger, Viber, and Line are at 541 percent, 146 percent, and 284 percent, respectively.

However, despite the channel, app, or social media website, Infobip says one thing is certain —customers want to have two-way conversations with their brands that come with personalized service and support.

“Our data shows how conversational experiences are rapidly spreading across the globe as businesses roll out marketing, sales, and support use cases. Where 2022 revealed a spike…

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