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One UI 6 is here. It boosts Galaxy’s customizability and the freedom to choose how your device works. With smartphones now looking after more aspects of our lives than ever, being and feeling in control is an essential part of the modern mobile experience. A device should work for you not the other way around.

As an open ecosystem that empowers users to define their experience according to their priorities, Galaxy has always stood for choices. From a security and privacy perspective, I believe Galaxy has a duty to give users more say over how they are protected. Having options encourages you to think about what’s really right for you. That’s the philosophy behind Auto Blocker, introduced as part of One UI 6.

Auto Blocker is a package of additional security measures and the latest to join Galaxy’s stable of security and privacy innovations. Just as there is not one single type of cyber threat, there should never be just one approach to security. That’s why Auto Blocker’s safeguards are wide-ranging; it gives users more ways to stay safe, on their terms and with minimal effort.

Let me put it another way: Galaxy lets users set their own boundaries without building a wall around them.

Boundaries, Not Walls

One of Auto Blocker’s features is the ability to enable or disable sideloading. This is the act of installing an app that’s not available on official platforms, such as Google Play or Galaxy Store. Sideloading is hugely popular as there are many benefits for users, including enhanced customization and control over their device’s functionality.

There are entire online communities full of advice and testimonials, dedicated to safe and responsible sideloading, and to new ways of…

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