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Samsung Electronics and Dezeen, a design and architecture magazine, have unveiled the champion of their latest global design competition titled Re:Create Design Challenge. The winning entry is “Solar Lookout,” a conceptual wildfire detection system crafted from recycled Samsung smartphones and powered by renewable energy.

Hailing from different corners of the United States, designers Abi Lambert, Cade Thurlby, Karl Wagner and Tyler Boshard claimed the top prize of £10,000 with their project.

Participants in the Re:Create Design Challenge developed creative ideas to repurpose old Samsung devices or materials and transform them into new products or services.

The competition aimed to discover creative ideas that could potentially help people’s lives and the planet in meaningful ways.

Solar Lookout proposal would see Samsung smartphone repurposed into wildfire detection devices, powered by renewable energy. The proposal was designed with the ambition to reduce the time elapsed between the start of a fire and when it is first reported.

Envisioned to be positioned 10 feet above ground in areas prone to wildfires, these devices would utilize smartphone cameras to spot abnormalies like fires or smoke — harnessing an AI system for precise identification.

To blend in with its natural surroundings, the Samsung smartphone would be encased within a metal container that includes a strategically placed opening to allow the phone’s camera to capture its environment.

According to the designers, the phone would communicate via a mesh network and would be developed to report geospatial data including weather patterns and air quality.

The designers proposed that the device would be…

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