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  • The KB5030211 Patch Tuesday update for Windows 10 introduced a new “Windows Backup” feature. This app enables system backups linked to a Microsoft account, including files, apps, settings, and more.
  • This backup tool, although useful, cannot be uninstalled and has been automatically added to enterprise systems, including the LTSC version of Windows 10.
  • While users have found that removing the “Windows Feature Experience Pack” can potentially eliminate the Backup app, it’s not recommended. This core package is essential for other vital features like the Emoji Picker and Snipping Tool.

KB5030211 Patch Tuesday update added “Windows Backup” to Windows 10, a new app which cannot be uninstalled.

Windows 10 September 2023 Update (KB5030211) started shipping on September 12 with many changes, including a new “Windows Backup” feature. This new app lets you back up and restore your system, but there’s a twist – Microsoft is installing the unremovable app on enterprise systems.

Windows Backup is not a bad app or something you’d hate, as it’s helpful in many ways. Microsoft can back up your files, apps, system settings, login details, Edge settings, third-party browsers, and more. The backed-up data can be restored on a new device or fresh installation of the operating system. Everything is linked to Microsoft’s account.

While this app is designed to aid in system backups and restorations, eyebrows were raised when…

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