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Windows 10 KB5039211, aka Patch Tuesday update for Windows 10, is available now. This June 2024 update fixes a lot of security shortcomings in the operating system and adds a new Snipping Tool feature.

Since it is a mandatory security update, download and installation will begin automatically on your PC. You can check the update availability by visiting Settings > Security & Updates and clicking Check for updates.

If you don’t see the update on your Windows 10 PC, download the .msu offline installers from the official Update Catalog website.

After installing the KB5039211 update, Windows 10 will upgrade to the build 19044.4529. Microsoft has also patched several bugs with Windows core processes, UI, and features, which we will discuss in this post later.

Download Links for KB5039211

You can download the KB5039211 offline installer from here.

This page lists all the updates available for different Windows 10 versions (22H2 and 21H2) and other processors and processor architectures.

New features included with KB5039211

If you use Phone Link to connect your Android device to your Windows 10 PC, this update makes it convenient to manage screenshots.

Whenever you capture a screenshot on your Phone, you will see a notification on the PC to edit it using the Snipping Tool. Thus, you can annotate the screenshot using the tool.

Windows 10 and Android integration | Image Courtesy:

To make this feature work, you must upgrade Phone Link and download the latest version of the Cross Device Experience Host package. Launch the Microsoft Store and head to the Library section.

Check for new updates and download and install them. Then, connect your Phone to your PC using Phone Link if you haven’t done it already.

Lastly, navigate…

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