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  • Windows 11 23H2 ISOs have been spotted on Microsoft’s servers, suggesting an imminent public rollout. This version is significant as it resets the Windows Update cycle, offering extended support for all compatible hardware.
  • This update is crucial since Windows 12 is expected to be announced in 2024, making 23H2 the last major release for Windows 11.
  • Windows 11 23H2 will include all features from the “Moment 4” update of 22H2, plus new additions like a System Components page, notification center enhancements, and more.

Windows 11 22H2 ISOs were briefly spotted on Microsoft’s servers as the tech giant prepares for public rollout. While Windows 11 23H2 may not be a significant update in the history of Windows 11, it is still essential as it resets the Windows Update cycle.

A Windows Update cycle reset means extended support for all supported hardware, which is important considering the company plans to announce Windows vNext or ‘Windows 12’ in 2024. This makes 23H2 the last major release for Windows 11.

While our sources had known from earlier evidence that Windows 11 23H2 will begin shipping sometime in October or November, a new leak confirms the update could start rolling out any day. As first spotted by Windows Latest, ISOs have been pushed to the servers over the weekend.

Image Courtesy: published two versions of Windows 11 23H2 ISOs – English (United States) and China. This means the update is ‘done’ and ‘ready’ for commercial rollout. We’ll likely learn more about how the tech giant plans to release the update over the next few days.

What we know so far about Windows 11 23H2

As mentioned at the outset and in our previous reports, version 23H2 is essential as it resets…

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