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Windows 11 Beta channel recently experimented with a companion panel in the Start menu. Using it, you can quickly glance at details of a phone connected to your PC via Phone Link. It is now testing a “Continue from phone” feature in the new beta build 22635.3858 (KB5039327).

Windows Latest tested this option, which is available in the “All apps” section of the Start menu. When we clicked on it, nothing happened. Note that we had already connected our mobile phone to the PC using Phone Link.

We also checked out the Managed Devices section to see whether there was a new setting related to the feature. Sadly, there wasn’t anything new there too.

Microsoft researcher PhantomOcean3 also noticed the feature, but it doesn’t work for anyone.

According to references in the update, the process runs in the background and no dialog box launches after clicking it.

In a PRI file, Microsoft describes the “Continue from Phone” as an executable that provides users with the convenience of resuming their work using the same file on OneDrive that they had been using on another device in the last few minutes while their PC was locked.”

According to the description, the feature will let you continue working on a file in OneDrive from where you left off, even after switching devices. For example, if you were editing a document on your Phone, you can resume editing it on your PC.

The description also mentions “in the last few minutes,” so there could be a time limit for this feature to work. Phone Link has been getting too much love from Microsoft in the past few months.

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The last few months have been great for Phone Link users. You can use your phone…

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